DCVT reveals dynamic 2022 business strategy for Thailand
Daimler Commercial Vehicles (Thailand) Ltd. (DCVT) has unveiled a dynamic 2022 business strategy for Thailand focusing on FUSO as well as Mercedes-Benz Truck and Bus backed up a new aftersales service program for customers to increase customer confidence, which is set to launch later in 2022.
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DCVT Enjoys Strong 2021 Sales Growth in Thailand
FUSO brand drives heavy-duty truck sales up 36% supported by expanded model line and promotions
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DCVT appoints Mr. Ralf Kraemer as the new CEO starting from January 2022
Daimler Commercial Vehicles Thailand (DCVT) has appointed Mr. Ralf Kraemer as the new CEO starting from January 2022, succeeding Mr. Stefano Giordani who has moved to a new position as CEO of Daimler Buses in Italy.
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DCVT introduces latest FUSO flagship truck to Thailand
The TV3340S makes heavy transport look easy with 401 horsepower engine and 12-speed Automated Manual Transmission that maximizes driving efficiency
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DCVT Increases Support for Dealer Network Across Thailand in 2021
Improved product, aftersales service and marketing to heightens customer satisfaction
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DCVT '2020 Moving Forward Together' Dealer Convention Inspires Teamwork
All 14 authorized Fuso and Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles dealers meet new CEO Stefano Giordani
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Executive Personnel Announcement
Daimler Commercial Vehicles Thailand Ltd. (DCVT; headquarters: Sathorn, Bangkok) under the umbrella of Daimler Trucks Asia, today announces important changes in its management.
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Daimler showcases strength of FUSO network to Thai Investors at conference in Taiwan
The conference aimed to demonstrate to the investors the commitment of Daimler Trucks Asia
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FUSO eCanter Electrifies Thai Commercial Vehicle World
World’s First All-Electric Truck makes exclusive visit to Bangkok at “Future of Mobility” event
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Daimler Trucks Asia Welcomes Amata Corporation PCL’s Chairman to its Headquarters in Japan
Daimler Trucks Asia (DTA) recently welcomed Mr. Vikrom Kromaditto to its headquarters in Japan.
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Daimler delivers 40 Heavy Duty FUSO Truck as part of Fleet Deal to Sila Transportation Service
Thaiyont Truck and Trailer Makes Major Sale to Logistics Industry Leader
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