Tractor Truck 50.5T
  • Engine OM457 Platform
    11.97 liter with 401hp and 2,000 Nm. High Torque engine at low RPM contibutes in better fuel consumption, less wear and prolong the engine life
  • PowerShift G330 gear box
    (12F + 2R) with a torque capacity of 3300 Nm. 430 mm. Single disc Clutch
    Suitable gear ratio for efficiency operate with all road conditions, both Flat and Steep Road condition. Automated Manual transmission system makes easier and more convenient for operator in Automatic mode. And on-demand control in manual mode
  • Heavy Duty Multi leaf BOGIE type
    suspension for all types of loads. Higher load rating Suspension of 13 ton
    As well as providing softness while driving, reducing fatigue for the driver
  • Full depth long members
    with 9 mm. Thickness with additional 9 mm. Flitches. Shot blasted and Powder coated chassis for longer life
  • Heavy duty IR 440
    Single reduction Inter wheel, Inter Axle Differential lock fitted as standard. Rear axle is strong and durable, as well as the Inter Axle Differential Lock system, allowing for good driving in all road conditions, including steep slopes
  • Cruise control
    Reduce driver fatigue on long-haul trips on highway Speed limiter for convenient control of vehicle max speed in speed limit zones
  • ABS
    prevents wheels from locking up under heavy braking on slippery surfaces, thus maintaining steering control to avoid obstacles
  • Large dials with high contrast & clean layout.
    Wide range of useful information & indicators Variable green band for fuel efficient driving
  • Wide door opening
    Low level footsteps and easy reachable handles Fatigueless boarding into cabin
  • Spacious, Air-conditioned Cab
    designed in every way to improve driver productivity with adjustable steering wheel
  • Air-suspended
    driver seat to reduce fatigue
Overall Length
Kerb Wt
Pay Load
Engine Capaicty
Max Power
Max Torque
Fuel tank Capacity
Rear Axle Ratio
Tire Size
Brake System
Auxiliary Brake
3,960 mm
6,940 mm
11,970 cc
295 kW/ 401 PS @ 1,900 rpm
2,000 Nm @ 1,100 rpm
455 liters
Gear Low 1 = 11.639 , High 1 = 9.02 / Gear Low 6 = 1.000, High 6 = 0.775
8.25 x 22.5 295/80R22.5
Full Air Brake + ABS
Exhaust Brake
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