Medium Duty Trucks 12.8T
  • High Performance Engine
    The fuel-efficient, common rail direct injection engine with four valves per cylinder is designed to deliver ample power and torque while lowering operation costs
  • High GVW & Pay Load
    Multileaf suspensions with an even taller stack of even thicker, more durable springs further enhance load capacity
  • Full Air brake with ABS
    Create utmost braking power on foot brake
  • Stabilizer control vehicle roll with higher C.G.
    Anti-roll bars maintain stability when the center of gravity is high. Front and rear anti-roll bars are standard.
  • Digital Fuel Consumption Rate on Dashboard
    The LED panel makes vital information more visible. The trip mileage indicator makes it easy to monitor distance traveled, average speed and fuel consumed
  • 200L Fuel Tank
    Increase of 40L capacity to support drivers in covering long distances without need for refilling
  • Clear Front Turn Signal Lamp
    Improved Aesthetics with good fit
  • Fabric Seat
    Promises a comfortable & productive drive
  • Music system
    System with USB port & FM radio brings music & news at the finger tips of driver. Makes FUSO a home away from home
  • LED Lamps
    For better cab illumination and improved Aesthetics with good fit
  • Pendant Type Brake Pedal
    For improving driver comfort & ergonomics
  • Additional Roof Storage
    More space for driver convenience
Loading Span
Kerb Wt
Pay Load
Engine Capaicty
Max Power
Max Torque
Fuel tank Capacity
Rear Axle Ratio
Tire Size
Brake System
Auxiliary Brake
PTO Transmission
4,250 mm 4,800 mm
5,790 mm 6,705 mm
12.8T 12.8T
3.81T 3.95T
8.99T 8.85T
3907 cc 3907 cc
125 kW/ 170 PS @ 2500 rpm 125 kW/ 170 PS @ 2500 rpm
520 Nm @ 1500 rpm 520 Nm @ 1500 rpm
200 L 200 L
1st = 6.696 / 6th = 0.728 1st = 6.696 / 6th = 0.728
6.33 6.33
8.25 R20 – 16 PR 8.25 R20 – 16 PR
35.4% (19.5°) 35.4 % (19.5°)
Full Air with ABS Full Air with ABS
Exhaust Brake Exhaust Brake
Optional Optional
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- Images used are for advertising purposes only. All information presented herein is based on data available at the time of posting, is subject to change without prior notice. The products are approved and designed based on market requirement and pertains specifically to the Kingdom of Thailand vehicles only. Please see further information needed in owner manual or kindly contact to Fuso authorized dealer nationwide.