Light Duty Trucks 6.5T – 8.4T
  • High Performance Torque at Low RPM
    Canter engines have plenty of power for light-duty needs. With cleaner emissions.
  • Larger legroom and more ergonomic
    It’s easier to get into this cab. Easier to move around as well, Ergonomic cab design improves drivability and reduces driver fatigue, enhancing safety and reliability
  • Easy Accessibility of Switches & Levers thru central dashboard
    Moving the gearshift to the dashboard not only makes driving more comfortable. It makes easier to move around the cabin
  • Safety Cabin
    Rigid box and door-well frames, side impact beams, and reinforced cab floor protect all riders in case of collisions
  • Safety Cabin
    Box structured door with side beam Reinforced cab floor main sill Improved safety with front box structure
  • Secured Visibility
    Halogen headlamps provide to improve night time visibility
  • Secured Visibility
    Windscreen wipers with integrated washer nozzles
  • Secured Visibility
    All-round view through large windscreen and deep drawn side windows (reduces blind corner accidents)
  • Easy Entry and Exit
    Out swing door hinge ensures durability and wider opening
  • Bigger footboard
    Covered step prevents step becoming wet and slippery (against mud)
  • Comfortable Driving Position
    In-dash gear shift ensures easier operation and comfortable driving position for driver
  • Window Regulator System
    Twin regulator for reliable support
  • Two directional adjustable steering column
    Standard telescopic and tilt steering wheel with only one lever
Loading Span
Kerb Wt
Pay Load
Engine Capaicty
Max Power
Max Torque
Fuel tank Capacity
Rear Axle Ratio
Tire Size
Brake System
Auxiliary Brake
Turning radius
Gear Shift Lever
3,350 mm 3,350 mm 3,850 mm
4,198 mm 4,198 mm 4,918 mm
6.5T 8.4T 8.4T
2.49T 2.57T 2.59T
4.01T 5.83T 5.81T
4899 cc 4899 cc 4899 cc
110 kW/ 150 PS 110 kW/ 150 PS 110 kW/ 150 PS
471 Nm @ 1600 rpm 471 Nm* @ 1600 rpm 471 Nm* @ 1600 rpm
100 L 100 L 100 L
1st = 5.175 / 5th = 0.715 1st = 5.175 / 6th = 0.669 1st = 5.175 / 6th = 0.669
5.428 5.714 5.714
7.50R16 - 12PR 7.50R16 - 14PR 7.50R16 - 14PR
42.0 % (22.8°) 33.0 % (18.3 °) 33.0 % (18.3 °)
Hydraulic vacuum Hydraulic vacuum Hydraulic vacuum
Exhaust Brake Exhaust Brake Exhaust Brake
6,000 mm 6,000 mm 6,800 mm
Integrated onto dashboard Integrated onto dashboard Integrated onto dashboard
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